Our Approach and Services

We help you to develop and refine grant applications and proposals, understand your market and clients, and measure your performance in delivering services. We work collaboratively with you to grow your programs and respond to community needs.

East Bridge consulting services help you acquire the resources you need to be effective, whether you are addressing temporary resource constraints or seeking to outsource a key activity to a recognized expert. Our services include:

Community Needs Assessments
  • Analysis of Census and community data.
  • Needs statements and case briefs.

Grantwriting for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Government grant applications. We can help you prepare program narratives, goal and objective statements, evaluation designs, and descriptions of the anticipated outcomes. We can develop program budgets and complete the forms required for submission.
  • Core foundation/corporate grant documents. We'll work with you to develop persuasive grant applications and letter of inquiry templates for your programs.
  • Fundraising action plans. Drawing from multiple sources, we can assist you in identifying the funders most likely to fund your programs or give you general operating support.
  • Compliance Review. We will ensure that your grant documents present your organization and programs in the best possible light.

Program Development and Proposal Writing
  • Facilitation. You can't write a winning proposal if your program does not hang together. We can help you make sure that your program achieves your objectives and those of your funders.
  • Project planning. Our years of experience in planning and managing projects can help you structure your efforts to produce effective, responsive, and compelling marketing documents and program descriptions.
  • Team building. We can assist you in assembling and managing project work teams, and in structuring activities so that your teams will be successful.
  • Writing and production. We can do as much (or as little) as you need us to do. You'll be amazed at what we can help you produce and how good it looks when it is submitted.

Program Evaluation
  • Evaluation consulting. Let our experience with both large- and small-scale evaluations enable you to put together an evaluation plan that will tell you (and your funders) what you want to know.
  • Process analyses. We will help you document changes between the planning and implementation phases and measure the effect they had on your programs and clients.
  • Descriptive evaluations. We'll facilitate your progress from "let's do a survey!" to the design and implementation of a questionnaire. We will provide you with statistical and narrative summaries of the findings.
  • Team building and collaboration. We'll help you determine how your evaluation can improve program performance, provide funders with outcome data, and improve your ability to manage programs and inter-organizational relationships.
  • Logic models. We can help you design and use them to improve your programs.

Business Planning
  • We can help you develop effective business plans.
  • We assist in designing and implementing project management structures.

Development Planning
  • What do you need to take a project from a concept to a working organization that produces effective results? With East Bridge Consultants, you can assure that your plans become reality.

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