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Our Focus

We enjoy working collaboratively on grant applications, proposals, evaluations, and other assignments. Listening to and learning from our clients is crucial to our approach.

During 20 years of grant and proposal development, East Bridge Consultants has helped many health care and social service organizations to understand funders and to obtain new types of funding.

Paul Oostenbrug has been awarded Grant Professional Certification (GPC) upon his successful examination by the Grant Professional Certification Institute (GPCI). Details at

Our Commitment

We do whatever you need done for your projects to succeed.

Working in Partnership

We want to help you grow. We will provide the skills and expertise to implement your plans and attain your objectives. Since we hope to build a long-standing relationship with you, we are always striving to do a better job for you and your clients and customers.

East Bridge Consultants has two prime goals: to get the job done right the first time, and to equip you with the resources and knowledge to be able to handle similar tasks on your own, should you wish to do so.

Successful Collaboration

No organization can be all things to all people, for the range of services one organization can provide is always limited. But by working together, organizations can combine their strengths to meet more of the needs in the communities they serve. East Bridge Consultants can help you develop and sustain collaborative relationships.

What do you want to accomplish, not just today, but over the next months and years?

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